Hand Made Incense

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Light Em If You Got Em

15 Pack

Hand Made Incense

- We use pure essential oils, extracts, resins, herbs and woods from reputable farms and suppliers. We also make our own essential oils, hydrosols and extracts that we use in our incense.
- Some of our blends are made with fragrances that are phthalate free and the vanilla content is always less than 5%


- Used standard incense practices and only burn within a well ventilated room.
- Do not leave burning incense unattended.
- Some essential oils and extracts can be harmful to pets in pure form (undiluted). We dilute our essential oils and extracts well below the minimum requirement but improper user of our incense by burning within a poor ventilated room may be harmful to pets that have existing health problems. Only use our incense in a well ventilated room and never allow sick pets near the room where the incense is burning.