Y-3 Returns With The NOCI Low

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Y-3 Returns With The NOCI Low

Adidas Y-3 Returns With The NOCI Low


Take My Money

Yohji Yamamoto is back with another model for his Y-3 collection. These shoes are in line with many of his other works as they incorporate the sleek minimalist look that has become associated with the Y-3 line.   We see a sock like upper with mesh layering on the toe. There is also a very distinct shaping for the midsole along with a one-way lace system. For the colorway, we see a crystal white combined with a navy midsole which is completed by the black lacing. Priced at a retail price of $390, these are not for everyone. But all in all, another clean shoe by Yamamoto that has me drooling.

Why Choose Y-3?

I am a very obvious fan of the Y-3 line, as can be seen by my earlier article on the ATTA. You can almost feel Yamamoto’s passion through the design of his shoes. They provide a futuristic look that doesn’t look outlandish. The way this shoe comes together is seamless. It’s definitely the hypebeast within me…but I go a little crazy when I see that Y-3 logo.


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